Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Cell Research (Cancer Cells v Normal Cells)

Normal Cells:

Reproduce themselves exactly.
* Stop Reproducing at the right time.
* Stick together in the correct place.
* Self destruct if they become damaged
* Become specialised.

Cancer Cells

* Dont stop reproducing.
* Dont obey orders from other cells.
* Cancer cells don't stick together.
* Dont become specialised (stay immature).

Further Inspiration

After talking with Phil he also sent me the link to this video. We talked about how to convey information on cell division, I was not overly keen on having spoken narrative and instead wanted text. As the background will be dark/black, Phil suggested that the words could become visible when the cell travels past it because of the glowing lights it will emanate. This video will influence colour and the movement of cells.

Inspiration (Abyss Creatures)

After experimenting on Maya and also talking to Phil I had the idea of looking at deep sea creatures. Often brightly coloured to attract prey, I was fascinated by the contrast with the dark background. I like the idea of having a dark background as is mysterious but also ambivalent because it feels as though there could be endless space but claustrophobic at the same time.