Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Unit 3 Artist Research: Edward Hopper

 'Nighthawks' (1942)

Edward Hopper was an American realist oil painter. His work is a reflection of how he viewed America at that time. The 'Tableau Vivant' style paintings are evocative in that although they can be perceived differently they are all expressing narrative and the layout of the surrounding he has painted along with the figures tell a story.

 Summer Interior (1909)

Statement (1953) by Edward Hopper : "The inner life of a human being is a vast and varied realm and does not concern itself alone with stimulating arrangements of color, form and design." Hopper here is arguing that in art there should be more than just shapes and colour which merely express the private imagination of the artist.

'Office at Night' (1940)

What is intriguing about Hopper as he is aware of the power of the subconscious mind and how subtle arrangements in his paintings can evoke emotional connections with the viewer “So much of every art is an expression of the subconscious that it seems to me most of all the important qualities are put there unconsciously, and little of importance by the conscious intellect.” (Hopper:1939)


  1. Great research! I love Hopper's work! Have you looked at the painting Chop Suey, the way it's cropped is quite interesting in that a figure is chopped in half so we are not allowed the knowledge of what is really happening beyond the focal characters which just makes it even more intriguing :)

  2. Thanks Emma. Yeah I did look at it, makes you wonder if Hopper pulled inspiration from Degas.