Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Unit 3 Initial Thumbnails

These are my initial thumbnail ideas that i will expand on. Will add more shortly.


  1. Ollie - please see this notification and be there as requested.

    Good to see your 'thinking outloud' already - but please, Ollie - go off and take a really good look around at all the related artists etc. especially those on the reading list on the brief and under the CGAA Unit 3 label cloud on the group blog. I don't want any 'single-celled' inspiration - think hard, go further, push!

  2. Aye, I have to agree with Phil on this one. They seem rather plain and random, though that may be my preference for the otherwordly and outlandish talking.

    Try to give these scenes a sense of story. Make the viewer thing about what is happening to the characters or who lives in the space provided like the artists you researched. The deer head, I feel, is a good start; maybe the houseowner is a hunter?