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The Company of Wolves Review

                                                              The Company Of Wolves Poster Art

The Company of Wolves, Directed by Neil Jordan is an adaptation of Little Red Riding Hood with a surreal twist. “Red Riding Hood has always been a good source for nightmares, and this is one of the more compelling of those bad dreams” (Thompson,2003). It tells the story of a 13-year-old girl, Sarah Patterson whom is woven tales by her old grandmother of dark creatures roaming the woods and explicitly told not to trust men who’s “Eyes meet in the middle.” Upon losing her path in the woods Sarah comes across a seductive woodsman whom turns out to me more than just a man.

There are many references to sexual desire throughout the film, particularly from the male perspective, which is a contrast with the innocence of Sarah Patterson. “There are no female wolves in this film, or at least not in the leading roles. The wolves are all male, and the males are almost all wolves.” (Ebert,1985). It could be argued this is to illustrate male’s nature in both the human and animal kingdom to be similar, unrestrained and barbaric.

There are many Freudian symbolisms contained within the film. Sarah running from the wolves and from the amorous boy who lusted after her is symbolic of her trying to preserve her innocence after reaching puberty. The unfamiliar forest path represents her entering unfamiliar territory in terms of coming of age and responsibility.

As much as the film delivers in terms of morals, symbolism and expression the fast pace along with the twist and turns of the film make it at times often hard to follow. “its dream frame and story within story packs an awful lot and can lose the not careful viewer.” (Battestella,2009) Perhaps it’s a film that would be more enthralling second time around but the tempo and themes of the film are perhaps not everyone’s cup of tea.l viewer.

List of Images

Fig.1 The cloaked Sarah
Fig.2 Sarah and Wolf

Fig.3 A werewolf during transformation


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