Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Essay Introduction

This essay is a study investigating the cultural impact of metamorphosis and hybridisation from two different periods in history, Ancient Greece and the 20th century up to the present day. The idea of a human metomorposis has been present since the Babylonian times with mythological creatures such as Tiamat, the Babylonian chaos monster of the ocean. The impact of hybrid creatures greatly differs in not only different cultures but different periods in history. Keys points in this assignment will be based upon reference material from "Exploring Mythology in Classical Literature and Art,","Metamorphosis" (Franz Kafta,1915),"John Landis's An American Werewolf in London" (1981). This essay will focus on human perception on what is deemed a good or bad omen in the animal kingdom based on behavioural traits.

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  1. Hey Ollie,

    Okay - this is much leaner, but it's still a little mixed up - let's see if we can make it more linear still:

    1) This essay investigates the cultural meanings of animal to human metamorphosis, focusing specifically on what therianthropic narratives reveal about the ways in which humans regard certain animals and their behaviours.

    2) Key references include Exploring Mythology in Classical Literature and Art by (give author!) which examines... (give the reason for you using it - and you should be able to do this for all your sources).

    3) Then outline the order of points you plan to raise, so, 'The assignment begins by examining of therianthropic narratives of Ancient Greece, specifically the story of.... The discussion continues with... and concludes by comparing,,, etc.

    That information about Babylonian times would make for a great opener of the first paragraph of your main argument.

    Hope this helps!