Friday, 30 September 2011

Influence Map

Sorry Phil I know this is late to be uploaded, I wasnt 100% sure how to layout an influence map. Many of my influences so far throughout the first unit I got in the second week as my first ideas were very basic ones which then extended into other areas after reviewing films and sharing ideas with other students.
 After watching the fly the whole idea of this kind of disfigured face, full of expression really appealed to me. I had previously befriended on the internet a tattoo artist called Dan Henk whom is also a fantastic tradition oil painter. Much of his work is dark, surreal and frightening. 5 and 7 are examples of Dans work.
1. Deathstalker Image
2. Babylonian depiction of Scorpion Men, seen as demons.
3. Photoshopped Image of a ghoulish face. The mouth looks fantastic and the way it looks decayed is really effective.
5 &7. Oil paintings by tattoo artist Dan Henk.
6. An alien looking insect/ human hybrid.

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