Friday, 23 September 2011


My first set of thumbnails I focused on the areas of the scorpion i could relate to a human e.g. the beady eyes or the claw like pincers  around the mouth could be incorporated onto a human face.

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  1. good stuff - and the drawings are nice and punchy too. Remember though it's YOUR face, so get those head and face studies underway too. I suggest too that you get some comparative anatomy going on - looking at the 'logic' of how your skeleton might come to reflect the structure of the scorpion. Historically, the most successful outcomes for this project stem from students taking an 'inside out' approach (literally working out the form of their hybrid by putting flesh on the bones of the hybrid skeleton, and seeing what it gives you). Try to avoid thinking simply in terms of 'monsters' - yes, the resulting image might indeed be 'monstrous', but in truth you're looking to understand the logical consequence of the splice, and that might take you into some very interesting and unexpected directions. There is a big danger of cliche with this project - 'Ollie with Claws!' for example, when to be innovative and exploratory, you might need to think in less literal terms... more thumbnails, bring on the thumbnails!