Thursday, 29 September 2011

Studying and Analysing my Face.

Studying your face and analysing your bone structure is not an easy thing to do. Perhaps its vainess that makes this so difficult as you dont realise how peculiar you look until you really look hard enough haha .......anyway as I dont really have many distinguishing features which could be used in my hybrid I took bust photographs of myself to measure up my face and head, highlighting areas which stood out.
   I know those lines on my face probably look like I have walked into a web but after looking online to determine what face shape mine was I found an interesting page which illustrated the perfect proportions of the face. On the studies they had marked areas of the face in relation to others e.g the width of the nose in relation to the head. By using these lines I have been able to break the structure of my face into sections which made it easier to evaluate.

This was an extra one for the pot as one of my concept ideas was to have my hybrid in distress and pain at being spliced.If I follow this up for it to be a depiction of me it is essential I get the wrinkles and contours of my face correct.

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