Saturday, 10 March 2012

Character Design

Out of my three story ideas for my hand drawn animation I got the most positive feedback from stories 1 and 2. As they both are centred around the relationship between a stepladder and its owner I drew up a quick character design of what the owner could potentially look like.


  1. These are looking good. He has a real 'meh' expression on his face :) It kind of reminds me of Gower. You really have a good style of drawing your characters. Keep it up! And have a nice day now.

  2. Nice!! I like the front view than the side view. The head on the profile view seems a bit bigger than his body comparing to the front view. But still, really great work!! ;D

  3. I like the style, but Jojo is right, the profile looks a bit unbalanced & top heavy.