Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Initial Loglines


*An old, over used step ladder covered in splats of paint is being stood on by a decorator,
* Varnish drops from the decorator's brush onto the step ladder, covering the already filthy surface,
* The painter walks out the room,
* The step ladder slumps and lets out a sigh,
* Begins to reminisce about its life and being a brand new step ladder,
* Cuts back to the decorator entering with cleaning products and turps to restore the ladder back to its original self.


*In a hardware store new, macho looking metal ladders are stood proudly in the window all being sold to manual labourers,
* An old, miserable grandad step ladder made of tatty wood is looking on through the stockroom door and is depressed at seeing all these new ladders being sold to good homes,
* The big, burly metal ladders mock the old ladder,
* An old man enters the store looking for a step ladder, all the metal ladders line up in unison and stick their chests out like proud soldiers.
* The old man doesnt like the look of them but sees the old ladder through a partially opened door of the darkened stock room.
*His eyes light up and he purchases the old ladder.


* An unused ladder seeks attention from an overweight owner who is too lazy to do chores around the house.
* The ladder tries to set up events which will make the owner use it e.g throwing the remote control for the tv up on a high shelf.
* Due to his laziness the owner constantly finds ways around these problems.
* The ladder just about gives up trying and sits depressed in the closet when something unexpected happens and the lazy owner rushes to use him.


  1. Im likeing one but loving two. They both have a good back bone and could both go really well. However the one I like best is two by far as its just nice and sweet.

  2. Number two definitely stands out! It seems like the strongest and funniest story :)

  3. Numbah Two Ollie Ollie!! Sounds really interesting to see the metal ladders sticking their chests out!!