Monday, 5 March 2012

Inanimate Objects Research

One of the most recognised and successful inanimate object animations is Pixar's lamp and jr lamp. John Lasseter in an interview for BBC documentary 'From Pencils to Pixels' stated  "It is important to identify its face and head." In the obvious case of the lamps it is the lamp shade which is the head and the bulb representing the face.

Paul Lavey's 'The Lascivious Broom' however focuses on using the broom head to move like human legs giving the broom its character which is also successful.

After looking at these two animations it is clear to see that areas of the object that could relate to the human anatomy is what gives the object its structure and can establish how the character might look or move.

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  1. Hey hey. I was thinking, to help everyone in the group to get started we could meet up Wednesday (as we all have to come in anways) and have like a little group chat about ideas ect. This should help get everyone off and going, and should help if anyone is struggerling. Message me back at what you think.

    Also,Loving the research here! I cant belive i forgot the characters in Beauty and the Beast as they are the coolest of all time! also the broom is a nice one. Keep it up and have a nice day now ! :)